Thank You For Praying!
Treasured Friends and Prayer Partners,

I can hardly believe that our ninth annual She Speaks conference is only weeks away! Each year the conference grows and this year we are very excited to have a record number of women registered for the conference. Including our team members we will have close to 600 women (and a couple of “tech dudes”) this year, including some from as far away as South Africa! We have closed registration with 200 women still on the waiting list. With so many concerns over the economy, we are still sold out! God is so good! We lifted this conference up in prayer before a single planning detail was discussed and God has provided immeasurably more than all we could ever ask for or imagine. To Him be the glory!

As we prepare for this all important conference, Lysa TerKeurst is doing a three day series of “Words of Encouragement Before She Speaks” that attendees can use as a devotion leading up to the conference. She will run them July 13, 14, and 15 (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday). The purpose of the series is to get our hearts ready to receive all that the Lord has awaiting for us at She Speaks. Lysa will not only have devotions specifically designed to prepare our hearts for the conference, but attendees will have the opportunity to post their comments and prayer requests. Lysa would love for you to visit her blog,, during these three days and join her in praying for the women who post comments and prayer requests.

Friends, there is still so much to do as we enter into these final weeks of preparation and I am asking you to come along side of us and cover this conference in prayer. Each year we are humbled by what God accomplishes in the women’s lives during these three days. Many are transformed before our very eyes as God speaks to their hearts. Satan will be hard at work to make trouble wherever he can. Please pray a hedge of protection around this entire conference. Specifically:

Pray for each other as we pray for you and for your families. As our prayer team, you are vitally important to Proverbs 31 Ministries. No decision, no speaking event, no conference, etc. is considered without prayer. So, first and foremost, pray for each other and pray for the prayer team as a unified group of Holy warriors.

Pray for all the little details that still need to be taken care of. Please pray that we don’t miss anything and that God multiplies our time so that everything that needs to be completed is completed.

Pray that I don’t confuse God’s plans for this weekend with my plans.

Pray that all of us remain mindful that all we do is set the stage. This is HIS conference. We set the stage in anticipation of His arrival, His works, and His life-changing power.

Pray for the Embassy Suites Concord Hotel and the Residence Inn Concord Hotel. Pray for the facilities and for the staff and their families. Pray also that those who do not know Jesus, will come to know Him through us.

Pray for our office facilities, computers, telephones, printer, and other necessary equipment.

Pray for our Worship leader, Cheri Keaggy. Pray that His spirit fills the room as she sings for His glory.

Pray for travel mercies for everyone coming to the conference - attendees, team members, editors, publishers, agents, special guests, and potential ministry partners.

Pray for the office staff as they work long hours to ensure that everything is completed with excellence. Pray for their families and their homes as well.

Pray for Doug, Reenie, Marc, and Ian who provide our audio/visual, recording, and staging for the conference at a tremendous discount.

Pray for each of our team members who will be speaking, presenting, leading worship, etc. during the conference. Pray for them as they prepare to share God’s words.

Pray for the editors, publishers, agents, etc. and for their all of the appointments that will take place during the conference.

Pray for the volunteers that are giving their time to help make this conference a success.

Pray for our speaker team meeting on July 29th and 30th. Pray for their time together and pray that they will accomplish all that they need to accomplish during their limited time together.

Pray for the 25 Next Generation “girls” (ages 12-17) who will be attending the conference this year. Pray that our team will set a Godly example of the Proverbs 31 Woman, and that He will inspire us and equip us to do everything in our power to raise up the next generation of Proverbs 31 women. Pray that these young hearts are encouraged and that God will spark a passion in each of them that nothing on earth can ever extinguish.

Pray for our partners in ministry, Compassion International, and for the precious children they represent. Pray that many children are sponsored during these three days.

Pray for financial blessings. The conference is a costly endeavor so please pray for the budget. The summer months are typically “lean” months for the ministry (limited speaking events, resource sales, etc.) and we need the conference to carry us through until the fall. Pray that hearts will be inspired to give generously to support Proverbs 31 Ministries. These donations help support the many areas of ministry we provide at no cost to the recipients.

Pray over all the details of the conference, those I have mentioned, and those I have forgotten to mention.

Please pray for the women who will be attending the conference this year. We began to pray for them before we even knew their names. Now we have the privilege of praying for them by name. Please pray that God will reach each woman, wherever they are and whatever their situation, and speak to them in such a way that they are overwhelmed by His presence. The names of each of these women, along with our team members, conference staff, and volunteers are listed below. We don’t know each individual need – but God does.

Treasured friends, you are a gift to this ministry. We can do nothing without you. You go before every decision, every speaking event, every conference, and every meeting. For holding us up through prayer, I pray that the God of all creation blesses you with more joy than your hearts can contain.

Sweet, Sweet Blessings!
LeAnn Rice
She Speaks Conference Director
~ Executive Director of Operations
Proverbs 31 Ministries


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have just read prayer requests for the conference. A conference I don't even know when it will occur; however, I know our Lord does and that is what is important. I would like to lift up all the requests that were written and especially a hedge of protection to all who come in contact or support the conference. I pray blessings like none ever imagined or sensed; and that foremost God will be Glorified by the attendees, support teams, speakers and again anyone who comes in contact w/the conference - including the folks at the hotels etc. I praise God for his answers to my prayers for the conference and all people involved to any degree, just now. I praise Him as the God of Salvation and for those who may accept HIM at this conference. Praise Him as the Giver of Life and Great Redeemer. Thank you, in Jesus name, Amen

Anonymous Anonymous said...

May our Lord and Savior be glorified by the work that He is doing in Proverbs 31 Ministries. He has put it in the heart of His daughters to put their trust in Him; for He has said
"Do not be afraid, nor be dismay, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Amen

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of Your love and provision, we are sure and assured. We dedicate our hearts and all of our prayers toward She Speaks 2011. We know that this is Your work, and so we sincerely ask for Your favor and grace over every aspect of this work, from the front end to the back end. Touch every heart and every life that will be present there. Also, touch the lives of those who wanted to be there but were unable to attend.
Abba, Your presence at She Speaks is always powerful, and so let it be this year. Impact all women (and men) in such a magnificent way that they will not only walk away changed, but they will also walk away inspired to inspire. Let the ministry and the mission of Christ be boldly proclaimed by all, and let Your name be exalted from this place to that place and onto to the high heavens.
Give each attendee, worker, presenter, servant, and guest an experience like no other, all for Your glory.
And, Father, I would ask a special blessing on all of the young ones who will be attending She Speaks this year. Delight them, Daddy. Let them see You in a whole new light. Light a fire within them so that they can go forward and turn the world upside down for You.
Bless P31 in a divine way.
Thank You, Father. You are the I AM in our lives. The Almighty. LORD. Our great Redeemer.
In the sweetest name I know - JESUS - I offer up this prayer to You. Amen.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the privelege to be a partner in prayer for this ministry He is so very good , isn't He ?

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