Dear Prayer Partners,

It is mid July and very hot here in North Carolina. Our office is a bit more quiet during the summer than it is the rest of the year. It is a time when vacations are happening, kids are out of school, and the phones aren't ringing quite so much. There are a few things that remain the same, however, no matter what time of year it is.

Proverbs 31 Ministries strives for excellence every day of the year. Our mission is to bring God's peace, purpose, and perspective to today's busy woman. We send out our magazine every month of the year and our daily devotions each weekday of the year. Our radio program continues to run daily on radio stations all over the country. Resource orders are being shipped from our small office. Our writers and editors continue to fulfill their roles. And the prayer requests continue to pour in over the phone and internet. Our staff remains busy and dedicated to the mission of this ministry all year round.

Even though summer is often a time for relaxing and lazy afternoons, we still need our prayer partners more than ever. We thank you for your commitment to our ministry in this area. Please continue to pray for the items mentioned in the above paragraph.

I realize that you may feel unrecognized. You signed up to be a prayer partner, wanting to get involved. Let me assure you that we do recognize you. We love you, we appreciate you, and we need you more than words could express. Your role in this ministry is vital. We could not do what we do without the prayers of our friends. That's what we consider you to be, our friends.

So, even though we may not be able to personally contact each one of you (there are thousands of you!), please know that we are praying for you and thanking God that He brought you to partner with us.

Much Love and Blessings Abound,

Melissa Taylor
Prayer Ministry, Proverbs 31


Blogger Running My Race said...

What a wonderful way to reach all the prayer partners as well as touch us each with your kind words. Thank you for all you do, I ove the blog. Have a blessed day my friend and please give my love to everyone there.


Blogger Melissa said...

Thanks Cris! You are so sweet and such a wonderful asset to our ministry:) You pray us through daily and we love you for it!

Let me know if anyone has trouble posting a comment.


Blogger Amy Carroll said...

Hey, prayer warrioresses! Thank you so much for your work in supporting P31. I read something that has stuck with me. "Prayer isn't just preparation for the work. It IS the work." I'm such a "doer" that God has had to really drive that lesson home in my life, but I so recognize it as truth. Thank you for being co-workers with us!

Cris, it's great to see your beautiful face!


Anonymous Luann said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto! We LOVE you all for lifting us and the tons of concerns that flow through this ministry to the throne of grace!!!!

It is true, when we work...we work; but when we pray...GOD WORKS!

And how we have seen that over and over because of your faithfulness. Without that vital line of communication all else is pointless.

Thank you and know that you are very much needed and appreciated!

Now, my prayer for you:
Father, I lift the members of this prayer team to you today and ask that you pour out blessings on them. May they see your hand at work in their lives. Protect them ask they do the work that is key to the growth and stability of this ministry. Job 42:10 tells us that his losses were restored when he prayed for his friends. Will you do the same for everyone who prays for this ministry and the countless prayer requests that filter through our team? When they pray for others will you restore their losses, their dreams, their desires, their lives by showering them with abundance? Touch them individually and fully with your spirit. Fill them completely. Thank you Lord! You are Adonai, My Great Lord; Immanuel, God with us; Jehovah-Jireh, The Lord will provide; and we believe it! We proclaim it! We stand together and give you thanks for it! You are with us our Great Lord and Provider! We offer this prayer in Jesus' name, amen.

Blogger Renee Swope said...

Thanking God for each of you that protects us with prayer, encourages us with prayer, intercedes with us in prayer, and ministers beside us through prayer. We truly couldn't do what we do each day without the faithful prayers of friends like you.

As I work on radio this week, I am reminded of the important role you have with me to accomplish what God has called us to. If you'd like to know what to pray for P31 Radio, please pray that we God would pour out a special anointing on us with His Words and His wisdom as we write and record 40 new shows. We'll be recording them in late July and again in early August to get them ready to be produced so they can start airing around the world in September.

Thanks and blessings!!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, sweet prayer partners, more than we can ever express for your consistent and faithful prayers for our ministry and those who come to us for a refreshing dose of the Lord. You bless us beyond measure! melanie chtwood

Blogger Running My Race said...

I love you all so very much. You need to know the work you are doing is so valuable. I am sitting here in California on my front porch, drinking my coffee and thanking God for each of you. Amy you are a walking smile, a hug with a body and I was blessed to have met you face to face.

I lift all of you up today as you run the race set before you. Remember we all have been given the power and authority as His daughters to stay the course.

Run well my friends, can't wait to see you again face to face.

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